How Corner Suites Can Give You Design Inspiration

If you are looking at furniture to equip a brand-new home, you will be giving plenty of attention to the living area. After all, you want the family to be as comfortable as possible in this area, as they may spend more time here than in any other room. Still, you may have some awkward spaces to deal with due to the home's design and may be wondering what type of furniture would work best. In this case, why not consider a corner suite available in various configurations?

Chaise Corner Sofas

To begin with, think about a chaise sectional and configure it as you wish. For example, you could include half the normal size of a sofa with a chaise (which is effectively an extension). Some of these options have handy storage compartments built-in for those blankets, magazines or TV remotes. Remember, these designs come in right-hand or left-hand setups, depending on how your living room is laid out.

Angled Sofas

If you have a really awkward space and an irregularly shaped room, you may want to think about an angled corner sofa instead. This might help you get the most out of that area when otherwise you might struggle to find a solution.


Some people want to get the most out of their relaxation time, and if you've got somebody in your home who feels this way, a recliner sofa is an answer. They can immediately kick back to watch their favourite movie through the touch of a button but always look at the overall placement of your sofa first. Some of these corner sofas have a headrest that does not push outward when the seat is reclined. In other cases, you may need to position the sofa so that you avoid the wall when reclining.

Modular Sofas

Talk with your furniture provider about a modular approach if you're still stuck for inspiration. While the chaise option allows you to pick and match to a degree, modular sofas give you the greatest flexibility. They'll allow you to maximise every centimetre of your living area.

At The Trimmings

If you have chosen your corner sofa, don't forget to add the other essentials. You will probably need an end table for both left and right positions and a coffee table in the middle.

Further Inspiration

If you have any more questions, ask the experts at your furniture store to give you their input.

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