Cabinet Maker Tools You May Not Know About

A cabinet maker is someone who is involved in the creation of beautiful wood furniture as well as customised built-in cabinets. The cabinet makers are well versed in building cabinets which are intended to satisfy their client's requirements. To achieve this, they use a bevvy of tools which work to make their tasks easy. Some of the essential tools employed by those in this profession are quite apparent. For example, the claw hammer and the screwdrivers. However other tools are not as common, and many people have no idea they exist. Below are a few that might surprise you.

1. The Layout Square – One of the most important tools used by a cabinet maker is a layout square. The tool can also be regarded to as the combination square which comes in dimensions of 12" being the biggest size and 6" being the smallest. The smaller model is widely used by most cabinet makers due to its functional size. It is also easy to carry and use. The layout square is used to perfectly mark square cuts on the wood being used in the construction of the cabinets. The tool can also be used for the measurement of right angles with the accurate placement of the square's edge. Through this, the cabinet maker can measure the bevel to be used on a saw or make marks for a miter saw. The tool can also be used in the determination of the existing angle. When purchasing this tool for your cabinet maker, ensure that you opt for the metal ones as plastic can break or wrap which will render them functionally useless.

2. The Level – Another necessary and important tool used by a cabinet maker is the level. The device comes in two sizes for a woodworker; these are the 48" as well as the 8" levels. The 8" level is also referred to as a torpedo level. This here is the most commonly used type of level in the industry. The torpedo level can be used to check both the plum as well as the level of the construction. The plum is utilised in checking the vertical specifications while the level checks the horizontal ones. Quality levels are made from metal or wood edged with brass. The levels also have a bubble which is used in reading both the plum and level. This tool ensures that the cabinet maker delivers accurately straight fittings which can hold most of your kitchen items.

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