4 Benefits That Come with Upholstered Headboards

Some people think that bedroom furniture isn't complete without a headboard, while others are coming to them for the first time. What both types of people usually find is that upholstered headboards present an enviable array of benefits.

Here are just four reasons you should use one.

1. Enhances Comfort

It should go without saying that one of the central advantages that comes with an upholstered headboard is added comfort. After all, they come with plenty of cushioning and a nice soft surface. That makes them infinitely more comfortable to learn against than either a bare wall or a traditional headboard of wood or metal. Whether you enjoy sitting up in bed to read a book, watch the TV or chat with your partner, you're going to love relaxing into an upholstered headboard.

2. Protects the Wall

Upholstered headboards also help protect the wall behind your bed. If you go without a headboard entirely, the wallpaper or paint will be rubbed down by your pillows, quickly looking worn as a result. If you use a traditional headboard with open slates or metalwork, the wall still won't be too protected because objects can slip through them to strike it. Upholstered headboards can be made quite large, and they cover the entire wall behind them to provide complete protection. Nothing can slip through to strike the wall, and any bumps will be absorbed by the filling.

3. Enhances Style

There is a huge array of styles that upholstered headboards can come in. There are modern looks or more traditional ones, and you can choose from headboards that only rise a little from the bed or those that reach up over a meter. Simply put, you'll always be able to find something that fits around your own style. Traditional headboards can enhance styling too, but not to nearly the same degree because they don't take as much space and cannot be upholstered in such a wide range of colours and styles.

4. Easy to Care For

There is some care required for an upholstered headboard. You'll need to vacuum it regularly and make sure you don't spill anything on it that will stain. Of course, both tasks are easy, and it's not like you'll often have anything that stains in the bedroom anyway. The great thing about upholstered headboards from a maintenance point of view is that they absorb any impact and tend to be very tough. Wood headboards can be chipped while metal ones can be dented, and both can get a little loose after a few years.

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