4 Natural Fabrics Suitable For Chair Covers

When you decide to replace your chair covers, you will have to decide on the type of fabric to use. There are several types of fabric, both synthetic and natural, but they aren't all suitable for use as chair covers due to the need for chair covers to be highly durable. Chairs tend to get used frequently and it's best to choose a medium to hardwearing fabric to prevent it from wearing out around the edging of the seat. Fabric durability is measured in double-rubs, and upholstery fabric for chair covers should be between 10,000-30,000 double-rubs, which will ensure it's durable enough for frequent use. Fabric below 10,000 double-rubs won't sustain daily use. Additionally, choosing a natural fabric for your chair covers will ensure the seats are comfortable to sit on and add warmth to the room. Here's an overview of 4 natural fabrics suitable for chair covers:


Linen is a strong fabric made from flax and is soft to sit on. It's resistant to pilling and staining without the need to add any type of chemical stain barrier to the fabric. Linen is an ideal fabric choice for chairs that have to withstand children and pets climbing on them. It works well in both modern and contemporary rooms and in its natural undyed state, linen can complement any colour scheme.


Cotton is a soft fabric that's easy to clean, but it is also easily marked. This fabric may be best suited to chairs that aren't frequently used by young children in order to preserve the look of the fabric. However, it's easy to work with and cotton fabric comes in a range of colours and patterns, and natural dyes are being increasingly used on cotton fabric.


Wool is a cosy, warm fabric that's durable and easy to work with. It's not a particularly common fabric for chair covers, but it's entirely suitable and will give the seats a unique, contemporary finish. Wool is not easy to clean, so it's ideal for formal chairs that aren't in frequent use.


Leather is tough and easy to clean, so it's a good choice for frequently used seats. It can be susceptible to wrinkling, but this tends to be the result of not being properly cared for. As long as leather is waxed once or twice a year, it will hold up against spills and won't degrade. Leather chair covers work well in a casual setting, and leather comes in a range of colours.

Choosing the right fabric for your needs and with the frequency of use in mind can ensure your chair covers last as long as possible. Consider consulting with an upholstery professional before purchasing your fabric for your replacement chair covers. The can recommend suitable fabrics with the style of the chair and room décor in mind.

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