Declutter Your Home with These Furniture Power-Ups

Have you noticed that your house gets more and more cluttered no matter how often you put things away? It's hard to keep track of everything when you're working and trying to take care of your day-to-day errands, but an organized home doesn't have to be a dream. Below are some furniture ideas on what you can integrate into your everyday spaces to make it a little less cluttered and a little more comfortable.

The Great Wall of Pegboards

Make the best of your hallway and vacant wall space by installing wall-hung vertical panels with hooks or shelves. Many of these designer pegboards come with removable or transformable accessories to give you freedom on how to display and store your items, letting you put your winter coat or summer hat in its rightful place. Be it a metal frame or a timber structure, it can be the statement piece that makes your hallway shine.

The Chamber of Secret Storage

Under-bed storage can be an innocuous place to deposit the extra stuff from your wardrobe and beyond. Rather than simply letting it be a place for dust to collect, consider switching your standard bed to a piece that integrates storage units underneath the frame, which will free up the space from your closet.

One Rack to Beat Them All

Hang out your Sunday best in all its glory with a designer clothing rack, which has become a staple of living room decorating in recent years. A stylish rack can sit comfortably in a number of rooms including the bedroom and the living room, where it can give your house the classic look of a Manhattan loft.

A Side Piece for Your Queen Sofa

Spruce up your sofa's side piece by swapping it with an end-table that has additional levels underneath, an easy way to deposit all the magazines and books scattered on your coffee table whilst keeping it in reach. A versatile piece with aesthetics that can range from subtle to eye-catching, it's one of the best ways to pack some personality to your living room space.

A Game of Shelves and Ladders

Switch up the game with a ladder shelf that offers additional storage space for your books and trinkets. A lighter and less bulky alternative to the typical multi-level bookshelf, the free form of the ladder means that it can be placed at difficult corners to occupy that awkward and empty space. Add some green to the mix by placing a potted plant or two to give off that chill Scandinavian vibe.

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